Inside ZSR

Kate at NCLA and Charleston 2023

NCLA Biennial Conference, October 17-20 While I have attended the NCLA Biennial Conference many times, this year was my first as a ZSR employee. It was great to run into my ZSR colleagues in a different setting, connect with former colleagues and friends at other libraries, and learn about the great work that’s happening across... more

Molly at NCLA & Charleston 2023

In the past month, I’ve been to two conferences, one close to home and one farther afield: NCLA in October, and the Charleston Conference last week. Here are highlights from each conference. NCLA, October 17-20 I kicked off my NCLA by co-facilitating a two part, day-long pre-conference, “Cultivating Copyright Knowledge: Developing Support Strategies for Library... more

Jemma at NCLA

After looking forward to it for my tenure at ZSR, I had the pleasure of attending my very first NCLA conference last week. From the moment I walked into the conference venue, the buzz of excitement and camaraderie among fellow librarians filled the air. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with old colleagues and... more

Catch ZSR @ NCLA 2023

Librarians of all stripes will be invading Winston-Salem next week for the biennial North Carolina Library Association Conference – and ZSR will be well represented among the speakers, poster sessions, moderators, panelists, and more! If you are attending, plan on checking out and celebrating the scholarship, knowledge, and experience of our ZSR colleagues below! Speaking... more

Mary Beth at NCLA, 2019 and other travels

My NCLA experience started off on a high note, attending the Diversity Delineated, Inclusion Integrated session with Molly Keener, Chris Burris, Monesha Staton-Fluker. Their very informative presentation on the history and development of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee (now Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee) was a trip down memory lane, as well as serving as... more

Chris at NCLA 2019

Last week, I attended the 63rd Biennial Conference for the North Carolina Library Association here in Winston-Salem, and it was an excellent conference as always. A prime highlight was the privilege to give a presentation on our library’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee with Molly Keener and Monesha Staton-Fluker.  Being one of the first sessions... more

Stephanie at NCLA 2019

My first NCLA was a couple of very fun days! I was glad to not have the stress of presenting, so I could focus on the wide array of available sessions and making friends across discipline. Having mostly attended archives conferences, I enjoyed the opportunity to cross paths with a group of library workers from... more

Molly at NCLA 2019

Attending the NCLA 2019 Biennial Conference, along with a host of ZSR colleagues plus hundreds of library staff from across the state and region, makes for a fun, insightful three days. This year’s conference is the best NCLA I’ve attended to date. As with any conference, there are sessions affirming what you know, sessions generating... more

Tim, Susan, and Chris at NCLA

On Wednesday, Oct. 18th I attended the NCLA biennial meeting at the newly renovated Benton Convention Center. It was great to see colleagues from across the state as well as a great group from ZSR present. I enjoyed the opening keynote, which focused on how we tell the story of our library and its programs,... more

NCLA Resources and Technical Services Section Fall Workshop 2016

Steve, Leslie, Monesha, and I attended NCLA RTSS’s Fall Workshop at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro on 10/7/16. The workshop was impressively well-attended by folks from throughout the state. By way of summing up, we wrote a paragraph or two each. Here they are, in alphabetical order by author (aka Jeff-first order): “Watch This! Including... more