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Lynn at SAMM

Wanda covered much of the SAMM conference. I was only there one day, mostly because I am a SOLINET/Lyrasis Board member, so I will cover the sessions that I went to that Wanda did not. My flight from Charlotte was late so I missed the opening keynote…grrhgghhhh! Google Book Search Settlement:Now What? Jonathan Band, Technology... more

Preserving Oral Histories

Preserving Oral Histories Tim Mitchell and I attended a webinar presented by Solinet on January 15, 2009 entitled: Preserving Oral Histories. This workshop was a discussion about the primary issues of preserving oral histories. The activity of processing oral histories was covered first.The most important issue when processing is to prevent audio from being erased... more

Care of Scrapbooks – Solinet Workshop

an example of an old scrapbook On Wednesday, July 16, Vicki Johnson and I attended a Solinet workshop on the care of scrapbooks. The workshop was presented by Jessica Leming of Solinet Preservation Services. This workshop covered a seldom addressed topic-the deterioration of older scrapbook collections. These scrapbooks take a variety of shapes and forms-... more

SAMM 08 – The Transformed Library

On May 8th I attended the SOLINET Annual meeting held this year for the first time at the quite beautiful and neatly tucked away Emory Conference Center. Michael Stephens the morning keynoter was a good opening act. He was certain to awaken the audience as it was a bit of a challenge to follow him... more

SAMM 2008

I attend the SOLINET Annual Membership Meeting each May mostly because I am a Board member and I am supposed to, but whenever I go I am pleasantly surprised at how strong the programming is and how glad I am I came. So while I’m at the airport waiting for my flight, I’ll share what... more

Part 2- Hurricane Preparedness/Solinet

On Wednesday, September 12, the second portion of Solinet’s Hurricane Preparedness teleconference was broadcast. The Disaster Committee was given homework after our first session which consisted of completing a building survey checklist, which Scott Adair and I completed. This checklist involved checking electrical, storage areas, structural, office areas, housekeeping, building exterior, and fire and safety... more

Lauren @ SOLINET: Library 2.0: Promoting Your Library in the New Social Digital Space

I’m really not going to go into super detail for this session since we talk about a lot of these technologies at Wake all the time. If you want more details, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to chat about the presentation! Now, onto live blogging: Covered blogs, RSS, podcasting, wikis, flickr, social... more

Lauren @ SOLINET: Scholarly Stats: Collecting Usage Statistics

More live blogging… MPS Technologies provides electronic resources in the publishing market. Librarians said they wanted a portal with all stats in one place, that’s self-generating. This is Scholarly Stats. First thing they did in development was to send out an email to a list in the US and UK asking folks to help develop... more

Lauren @ SOLINET: Ares E-Reserve System and Copyright

This is a vendor demo of the Ares Automating Reserves system (Same folks who bring us Illiad). Works with LDAP. Instructor Side Can post system alerts as well as custom user alerts on front page. Pages are in HTML, so it’s customizable. Same (or similar) Illiad style sheets can be applied to this. Instructors can:... more

Lauren @ SOLINET: The Future of Library Education

Live blogging again. As you might imagine, I’m particularly interested in this as a recent MLIS grad… The Future of Library Education José-Marie Griffiths, Dean of SILS at UNC-Ch Future is bright due to explosion in information availability and technology. Discussed that online does not replace physical use of information, in fact, most use both... more