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Lauren @ SOLINET NC User Group

I’m live blogging this event, and jotting down the interesting notes (from my perspective) here: Cal Shepard gave a SOLINET update. She talked about the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, probably my all-time favorite reference source. (I say that not just because of topic, but also authority and guiding principles.) SOLINET had matching grants for libraries... more

Solinet Workshop- Hurricane Disaster Preparedness

On Wednesday, August 29, members of the ZSR Disaster Committee gathered in the Tech Services Conference Room for a telecast workshop from Solinet. Hurricane Preparedness is something I’ve been interested in because North Carolina is in “Hurricane Alley”. Scott Adair, Leslie McCall, Mary Lib Slate and Craig Fansler attended the 2-hour session. The leader of... more

SOLINET: Lauren’s Wrap Up

I really enjoyed SOLINET! For me, it was one of those conferences where the call for presentations proposal looked interesting, but I didn’t actually know what to expect from the conference. What I found was that SOLINET was very different from other conferences I’d been to. For one, it’s compact. There were four general sessions... more

SOLINET: Is MyLibrary Going Down the YouTube?

The final program of SOLINET was “Is MyLibrary Going Down the YouTube? Reflections on the Information Landscape” from Diane Kresh. It was an interesting presentation, if, for nothing else, it reiterated what I had been hearing in the other sessions. This was the most on-message conference I’ve ever been to. And, since I like that... more

SOLINET: The Changing Research Environment

I missed the second session in order to have more time to review for our presentation this afternoon. I don’t know that you ever feel totally ready to give a presentation to strangers, but I’m as ready as I can be. Here are the notes I took from the third session, “Libraries and the Changing... more

OCLC talk on social software and privacy

Social Networking, Libraries, and Privacy by George Needham, OCLC Caroline and I attended this one together. I’m attending primarily due to our privacy audit, so I’ll focus my notes on the privacy issue. There is about to be a new OCLC report on this topic next month! Libraries set up for time when information scarce... more

Tennant kicking off SAMM 2007

There are a few ZSR folks typing as Roy Tennant gives the keynote address, so I’m just going to hit a few point that I think are particularly interesting on “Envisioning Our Future: Critical Issues for Libraries.” The points in his talk aren’t really about the future, it’s now. Google makes decisions differently from libraries.... more