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Check Out Our Dedicated Deacons!

The Dedicated Deacon recognition program is a long-standing tradition at ZSR. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to recognize one another for going above and beyond the course of their normal responsibilities. Below are 75 Dedicated Deacons given since February 24, 2022 (alphabetical by first name, not chronological). Many thanks and congratulations to our colleagues... more

Evidence Synthesis Institute (Kathy and Hu)

Last week we spent 16 hours on Zoom participating in the fourth Evidence Synthesis Institute cohort. The Evidence Synthesis Institute is aimed at library staff supporting evidence syntheses outside of the health sciences and is fully funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. There is no charge for accepted applicants. The institute’s instructors... more

Colleen’s New Happy Place

What I’ve learned two weeks in…  So it may be a little dramatic to say the last couple of weeks have been life changing, but I’m gonna go there! I know transitioning to a new role is life changing in itself – and I’ve moved into new roles relatively frequently in my life, either by... more

Kathy S. at ALA Annual 2022 in DC

ALA Annual was my first fully in-person conference since ALA Midwinter in January 2020. It was a much smaller conference (by ALA standards) than it has been in previous years, but it still felt strange to be around so many people again! This year, my conference revolved around my responsibilities as Chair of the RUSA... more

Alumni Admissions Forum 2022 – ZSR Tours

Friday, June 24th, was the annual alumni admissions forum! We saw alumni bringing potential students to tour all parts of campus! While a tour of ZSR might not seem blog-worthy, today’s tour turned into an impromptu party in the 24-hour room (for about 15 minutes!) Joy Gambill led a wonderful tour for a dozen individuals... more

ACCelerate Festival 2022

The Smithsonian Museum of American History hosted the third ACCelerate Festival on April 8-10. The festival is “a celebration of creative exploration and innovative research happening at the intersection of science, engineering, arts, and design from across the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the Smithsonian Institution.” https://acceleratefestival.com/ ZSR Dean, Tim Pyatt, has led the WFU... more

scite Trial 411

The scite trial will start today and run through Wednesday, May 11th. You can use scite search and report features without creating an account and logging in. However, to create a custom dashboard, create a notification, save a search, or utilize the reference check features, an account will be needed. NOTE: Access to scite is... more

Happy World Password Day!

It’s the first Thursday in May, and that makes it World Password Day! Here are some fun ways to celebrate: Check your email address at Have I Been Pwned. If you’ve got an account on a site that has been hacked (and you probably do), this will tell you about it. Change a couple of... more

Recent Preservation Enclosures from Home

Almost always, the object itself requires me to customize the enclosure I make for it. The size, shape, fragility or potential use all come into play. This post highlights a few recent enclosures I’ve made and are still working on……………….from home. The size and shape definitely were considered for this football, generously donated by Jodi... more

Home Sweet Home Preservation Lab

It’s March, 2020, and I’m home. When can I safely go back to work again? This question reverberated in my brain, and I’m sure the brains of all of my colleagues at ZSR Library. Slowly, I began to wonder how and if I could do my work, which is primarily, hand work. As this idea... more