This article is more than 5 years old.

The keynote speaker this afternoon on the technology at the Georgia Aquarium was fascinating. Can’t wait to go there to see it all first hand. I was hoping to get there this trip, but it will have to wait until November when I’m brining Erin down to meet up with a college friend and her daughter.

The second session of the afternoon was an interesting one from Georgia Gwinnett College, a brand new campus in the Univ. of GA system. They did a pilot with with two classes and gave them cell phones for data collection and to use as an audience response system. They did some cool things and learned a lot. They are now REQUIRING faculty to have cell phones (numbers published in the staff directory). They can use their own phones, or use a state provided one which is paid for, but they cannot use it for personal calls. They will be requiring cell phones with text messaging capabilities for all students starting next year. They plan to start providing grades and other information to students on them.

The reception was very nice tonight (who can fault a reception where you get a free glass of wine AND chocolate fondue??) and tomorrow will be filled with more sessions – another on podcasting, one on social software and a couple on Information Literacy.