During June 2007

Inside ZSR

Lauren’s Tuesday & some final thoughts

Today started with a COSWL meeting, and finished with the Amtrak ride home. I’ve posted my COSWL notes over on the COSWL Cause blog. Some general reflections from this conference: It is NOT worth it to stay in the dorms. It is less stressful to focus on meetings (rather than programs) if you have a... more

Lauren @ Once upon a Furl in a Podcast Long Ago: Using New Technologies to Support Library Instruction

I was able to attend a program on Monday! I went to “Once upon a Furl in a Podcast Long Ago: Using New Technologies to Support Library Instruction.” Not only was this program all about some of my favorite topics (technology in education), but it was sponsored by the Women’s Studies Section (my home within... more

Sarah at ALA

I attended the ACRL-Science & Technology Section (ACRL-STS) Council meeting on Friday evening. STS Council consists of the STS Executive Board and Co-chairs of STS committees and Discussion Groups. ACRL-STS has created 2 new Member at Large positions on the Executive Board. On Saturday morning, I attended a program on collection assessment. Betty Galbraith and... more

Sunday Blisters with Lynn

Sunday morning I woke up late so I had to hustle to get to the Convention Center in time for the “Cutting Edge Technology” presentation I had chosen out of the three I wanted to attend in the morning time slot. On the bus, I saw Scott Muir, who used to work at DALNET cooperative... more

Susan Wraps Up

I’ve officially finished my participation at the ALA conference today, as I’m heading home in the morning. I attended one more session since my earlier post, the session on the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment. Sakai is an open source product for research collaboration and is designed to support teaching and learning. The presentation was... more

Lauren @ COSWL

Today was COSWL’s first meeting… I posted notes on the COSWL blog. One thing I’m thrilled we’re discussing is women, technology, and librarianship. I think there’s fruitful area for research and action in that realm. We have a lot of big plans for the coming year. Here’s hoping that our committee members get involved in... more

Lauren @ LITA PPC

After a long and confusing telephone call with one of the conference Sheratons, I finally figured out where to head for my meeting with the LITA Program Planning Committee. My Interest Group wants to present a program at Annual 2008, and to do so we have to put something in this weekend. Having NEVER done... more

Lauren @ WSS Instruction Committee

Not a lot to report here (again, unless you want the inner workings of a committee group). We have a bunch of new, enthusiastic members (YAY!), and are planning on going forward on our Information Literacy Standards project. We want to rewrite the standards for people in Women and Gender Studies. We must be onto... more

Lauren @ the Alexander Street Press Breakfast

Most of my day was spent away from the convention center, but now that I’m in the COSWL booth in the exhibit hall, I have a few minutes to go online! This morning I started out early to go to the Alexander Street Press Breakfast. I love that company. They have a few new products... more

Sunday AM at ALA

Good news for someone who checked out of her hotel and decided to drive into town this morning: street parking is available at 7:30 am on a Sunday and is free all day. My commute went from over an hour to 15 minutes this morning. A much more relaxed way to get an early start.... more