This article is more than 5 years old.

Susan did a great job of summarizing our Educuase experience. Her use of embedded media, contextual links and insightful observation has made my own post little more than an afterthought!

Like Susan I was struck at the diverse content of the presentations. I went to a session on virtual computing labs at Georgia Tech. It turns out that locally hosted ‘cloud’-based VCLs are very popular (Our own UNC system is running one). What was interesting about the GA Tech presentation is that the data they collected showed a steady adoption of these virtual machines by students over the course of two semesters.

The second session I went to was on Talent Management. This session discussed identifying individual talents and finding ways to make sure that they are utilized in the workplace. As always, it is good to find out more about something outside of your area of expertise and this session had an interesting view of how to bring talent management approaches to an IT department.

Although we were only there for a very short time we did do some sight-seeing. Susan did not highlight our pre-conference tour of Georgia Tech or her expert photography skills from the 55th floor of the hotel but you may want to hit her flickr site to see some of the goings on outside of conference time in ATL.