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Web Wise Pre-Conference #1: “Preserving Digital Collections”

Presented by Priscilla Kaplan, Asst. Director for Digital Library Services at Florida, Center for Library Automation Kaplan began by distinguishing between 3 terms: Curation – The activity of managing the use of data from its point of creation, to ensures its usability for a contemporary purpose, and also available for reuse. Archiving – A curation... more

WebWise Conference, Washington DC

I decided I’d rather not leave my truck in Greensboro in airport parking for a week. So, at 7:20 Tuesday morning Kathie dropped me off at the WS Transportation Center on Liberty Street. At 7:30, I boarded a PART bus for the Greensboro hub. It cost me $2. In Greensboro, I transferred to a bus,... more