This article is more than 5 years old.

Today Molly, Susan and Erik attended an open webinar offered by the Odum institute at UNC. The content of the webinar focused on the recently introduced requirement to have a data management plan for all National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. The requirement, which goes into effect January 18, 2011, has created quite a buzz in the library world as it adds new dimensions to the world of scholarly communications.

My favorite phrase “The codebook from your research is the metadata on your project.” There was a fair amount of interest (with over 60 people online in addition to in-room participants) and the question and answer period focused on wide ranging issues such as technical problems, IRB questions and UNC and non-UNC solutions.

Interestingly, UNC has taken the steps to support both in-process and end-of-grant data archiving using a combination of services. One service mentioned in particular was iRODS, a data sharing and archiving platform developed by the Dice program now housed at UNC.

Representatives from ZSR have been talking with ORSP about how to support WFU NSF researchers.