During November 2010

Web-Scale Management Services Seminar

Tuesday I attended a workshop on OCLC’s WebScale service. The workshop was a joint offering from OCLC and Lyrasis held at the Durham Public Library. DPL, OCLC and Lyrasis were excellent hosts as we had wifi, coffee, and lunch (I chose a basil, tomato, mozzarella sandwich). We started the day with an exploratory talk by... more

Indiana Online Users Group

Indianapolis skyline: On November 5th I had the chance to present at IOLUG as part of their fall symposium on Cloud computing. I spoke on both the ZSR experience in moving to the cloud and in how cloud computing impacts IT and libraries in general. If you are interested in what I said, you can... more

Carol at the Charleston Conference

Honestly, they could’ve renamed this the “Patron-Driven Acquisitions Conference,” given the many talks on that topic. Rick Anderson’s opening plenary promoted the opposite of the Big Deal: The Tiny Deal, or, single article purchases. He reported two surprises with his library’s Espresso Book Machine: An interest in self-publishing, especially for family histories. Demand for blank... more

NCLA Archivists’ Toolkit Workshop at ZSR

From 10 am this morning until 3 pm this afternoon, Z. Smith Reynolds Library was inhabited by 50 excited archivists and librarians (from across the state and as far away as Texas) to learn about Archivists’ Toolkit. The workshop, sponsored by the Round Table on Special Collections of the North Carolina Library Association and ZSR... more

Mentoring Committe Journal Reading Group

On Wednesday, Nov. 10th, I had the privilege of leading a discussion about two articles on Reverse Mentoring today. Our group discussed “How to Use Reverse Mentoring as a Retention Tool for Gen Y Employees” and “Reverse Mentoring Empowers Emerging and Established Leaders”. (links here:http://www.delawareemploymentlawblog.com/2008/10/how_to_use_reverse_mentoring_a.html and www.diversity-executive.com/article.php). Reverse mentoring is when a younger employee is... more

Sarah at the Charleston Conference

Last Friday, Nov. 5th, I attended the Charleston Conference in Charleston, SC and presented my paper which I am co-authoring with Dr. Seong-Tae Kim on “Core Resources on Time Series Analysis for Academic Libraries: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography.” Here are the slides from my presentation: I also attended the morning plenary session on “What Can... more

Preserving Objects and Artifacts: Conservation Science, Collection Care and Outreach

On Friday, November 5, the North Carolina Preservation Consortium held it’s annual conference at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill. The theme was centered around the preservation care of objects and outreach efforts to enlighten viewers about these efforts. The first speaker was Chris Petersen, a volunteer at Winterthur Museum’s Scientific Research and Analysis Laboratory.... more

NSF and Data Management webinar at UNC

Today Molly, Susan and Erik attended an open webinar offered by the Odum institute at UNC. The content of the webinar focused on the recently introduced requirement to have a data management plan for all National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. The requirement, which goes into effect January 18, 2011, has created quite a buzz in... more

Ares E-reserve Online Seminar

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, Ellen M. and I participated in the first Online Ares Seminar sponsored by Atlas Systems. It was a series of presentations on various Ares and E-reserve related subjects. Presenters included David Larsen from the University of Chicago, Crystal Hester from Case Western, Dru Zuretti from the CCC, Angela Mott from... more

Gretchen trains at Cisco

On Monday I trained in the Cisco offices in Raleigh to learn all about Cisco’s NEW (Network Enhanced Workspace) features. The workshop was geared towards sales associates, specifically helping them to most effectively use all of the tools they are selling. Monday’s session worked with BlackBerry users, whereas Tuesday’s is reserved for the iPhone. The... more