Inside ZSR

Advocating for Collection Preservation – NCPC Annual Conference

Craig: On Friday, November 18, Vicki and I traveled to the Friday Center in Chapel Hill for the North Carolina Preservation Consortium (NCPC) Annual Conference. The theme this year was “Advocating for Collection Preservation”. Vicki: We’ll share our thoughts and impressions to give you an idea of what we learned! V: The first speaker was... more

The Preservation Institute at the Library of Congress

To borrow and slightly change a line from Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents, I’d say this workshop was “strong… to very strong.” The Preservation Institute is taught by top specialists from the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress brought out some of their big guns for this week-long workshop. The sessions were held... more

CERT Training

From Monday through Thursday of this week, several ZSR Staff (Wanda, Mary Beth, Travis, and Craig) are participating in CERT Training. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. The concept for this group was conceived after 9/11. The idea is to have a cadre of trained individuals prepared to respond in times of need. The... more

Audra and Craig at the United Way

On Thursday, March 10, Audra and Craig presented to the Forsyth County United Way Executive Council at the Red Cross on Colosseum Road. The United Way Executive Council is composed of over 20 local organizations and they are interested in both preservation and digitization. Our presentation was an abbreviated version of the talks we gave... more

Preserving Objects and Artifacts: Conservation Science, Collection Care and Outreach

On Friday, November 5, the North Carolina Preservation Consortium held it’s annual conference at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill. The theme was centered around the preservation care of objects and outreach efforts to enlighten viewers about these efforts. The first speaker was Chris Petersen, a volunteer at Winterthur Museum’s Scientific Research and Analysis Laboratory.... more

GBW Standards of Excellence- Presentations

I attended three sessions this year and was delighted that these focused on binding and books. Martha Little spoke on “Evidence of Structure and Procedure in Books.” Martha has been the Head Conservator at the University of Michigan Libraries and Book Conservator at Yale. Her presentation was a kind of deconstruction of the historical book.... more

Guild of Bookworkers Standards of Excellence Seminar- Tucson

What, you may ask is the Guild of Bookworkers? Founded in 1906, it promotes hand binding and all the fields surrounding it. As their statement says: “The Guild still believes, as did its founders, that there is a responsibility among civilized people to sustain the crafts involved with the production of fine books.” They also... more

COOP After A Disaster- ALCTS Disaster Webinar

On Wednesday, August 18th, the Disaster Committee attended a webinar hosted by the ALCTS group as one of their series on disaster preparedness. Steve Kelley, Ellen Daugman, Scott Adair, Anna Dulin and Craig Fansler attended the webinar which was presented by Nancy Kraft from the University of Iowa Libraries. Ms. Kraft has been tried by... more

Preserving Forsyth’s Past: the final frontier

Saturday, June 19 marked the final community workshop for the LSTA-funded “Preserving Forsyth’s Past” project. The workshop was held at Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center, the newest digitization center location. Perhaps most rewarding of all was the fact that the workshop was taught entirely by FCPL staff. Around 11 people were in attendance. Librarian Melodie... more

Preserving Forsyth-Walkertown Workshop

On Saturday, April 17th, we sang the third stanza of a four verse hymn at the Walkertown Public Library. The title of the hymn is “Preserving Forsyth.” It is funded by an LSTA grant in which a small cadre from ZSR and the Forsyth County Public Library teaches preservation and digitization principles and techniques. The... more