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Workshop set up- Pack Library, Asheville, NC

Trifecta. Over the course of three days, I taught book repair workshops in three North Carolina cities.
On Tuesday, May 9th, I taught 12 participants at the Pack Library in Asheville, NC. On Wednesday, May 10th, I taught 15 participants at Wake County Public Library in Raleigh, NC. Finally, on Thursday, May 11th, I taught 10 participants at the Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library in Edenton, NC.

Instruction- Pack Library, Asheville, NC

The NCDNCR did a survey last year among the public libraries in North Carolina. The number one request in this survey was for book repair instruction. I felt empowered to teach skills so needed to library staff across the state. In addition, a book repair kit was included for each attendee allowing them to take both skills and tools back home with them.

Trimming a new spine - Pack Library, Asheville, NC

The workshops were organized by Lauren Clossey from the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. The participants came from public libraries from surrounding counties.

Gluing up Japanese tissue- Wake County Public Library Raleigh, NC

Spine replacement activity- Raleigh, NC

I taught basic repairs: tipping in loose pages, mending paper tears with heat-set tissue and using Japanese paper for hinge repairs. We learned to repair and replace damaged spines. I also demonstrated end-sheet replacement, corner repair and paperback repairs.

Spine replacement activity- Edenton, NC

Spine replacement activity- Edenton, NC

These workshops were very rewarding and I hope to teach more again in the future.