This article is more than 5 years old.

The Mission Statement Task Force chair, Mary Scanlon, shared the group’s report at the May Administrative Council meeting. The report consisted of the Task Force’s revised and updated mission and values statement for ZSR. The Council had some questions and suggestions and the Task Force updated their draft, which is shared below.


Our mission at the Z. Smith Reynolds Library is to promote intellectual inquiry; acquire, create, and preserve curated resources; and provide an inspiring and inclusive learning environment.


In pursuit of our mission, we value:

  • Academic freedom
  • Credibility, authority, and reliability
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Instruction
  • Integrity and mutual respect
  • Partnerships with other academic units
  • Research
  • Unparalleled service


In fulfillment of our mission, we aspire to:

  • Incorporate innovation into our thought processes and choices
  • Foster social and intellectual engagement
  • Anticipate and prepare for change
  • Contribute to the evolving body of knowledge in librarianship

We provide leadership and support within the University as it “seeks to be a place where a vibrant and diverse learning community weds knowledge, experiences and service that lift the human spirit.”

May 2017

Before asking the Administrative Council to adopt the statement, I would like to offer another round of opportunities for comment. Please feel free to publicly comment on this blog post or email me directly. I will also put the statement on the agendas for the next Librarian’s Assembly meeting and ZSR Staff meeting.

I grateful for the timely and thoughtful work of the Task Force — Renee Berry, Carol Cramer, James Harper, Molly Keener, Tim Mitchell and Mary Scanlon (Chair).