In early November, I had the opportunity to participate in Moore Magnet Elementary School’s Amazing Shake competition. Organized by principal Adam Dovico (who has implemented other changes), the event offers 5th graders the opportunity to meet with local professionals and practice their self-introduction and conversation skills. This is a fast-paced social skills contest that puts students’ ability to make a positive first impression to the test.

We only have 30 seconds before the gong…

During the competition, each 5th grade student had ten interactions with local judges, rotating every 30 seconds. After the 30 second interaction, you, as the judge, have 30 seconds to give an “immediate first impression” score based on Moore’s scoring rubric. I ranked my partners on handshake, eye contact, poise, engagement, confidence, and sense of humor. The kids were dressed up and were ready to go with their questions. I am sure they were a bit nervous, but so was I!

The winners will go on to participate in regional and national competitions. I really enjoyed participating and look forward to doing it again.