The scite trial will start today and run through Wednesday, May 11th. You can use scite search and report features without creating an account and logging in. However, to create a custom dashboard, create a notification, save a search, or utilize the reference check features, an account will be needed. NOTE: Access to scite is by IP authentication. Thus, if you’re off-campus, be sure to download VPN from the IS website. After using scite, feel free to provide feedback on how you used scite along with what you liked and disliked at

Two live demos are currently scheduled for

  • Tuesday, March 1st at 9:00 a.m.
  • Friday, March 4th at 3:00 p.m.

If you’d like to attend the live demo, please email me (Denice Lewis) at However, if you’re unable to attend a live demo, the videos below quickly review different features within scite.

The list below expands upon different features/tools within scite.  Click on the name of the feature/tool for a quick video or click on the link(s) beneath the name to read additional details about the feature/tool.

  1. scite browser extension:  Verify information online or explore the supporting and contrasting information on a topic using the scite browser extension
  2. Citation statement search:  Tie content to context.  See the sentence(s) where the keywords or phrases are cited.
  3. Custom dashboard:  View trends on a specific topic/field and identify.  Further analyze research using smart citations.  Which articles have the most supporting/contrasting citations?
  4. Reference check:  Analyze the references cited within an article or PDF file.  Are there any retractions for a citation?  What are the citation metrics for the references?  Check the references that you’re citing within a paper or article.
  5. Researcher profiles:  Look at smart citations from the perspective of a single individual. e.g. papers published, how they cite and hove they have been cited
  6. scite visualizations:  Thinking citation map with colored lines indicating supporting, contrasting, and mentioning citations
  7. scite plug-in for Zotero:  See supporting, disputing, or mentioning citations for resources you’ve added to Zotero.

Happy smart citation searching and analysis!