Hi ZSR, the Safety and Security Committee has assembled this quick bulletin with some new information and reminders to keep everyone safe and happy in the Library!

Who We Are

The current iteration of ZSR’s Safety and Security Committee is:

  • Stephanie Bennett (standing)
  • Charles Bombeld (2023-24)
  • Rodrigo Castro (Chair, standing)
  • Barry Davis (2022-24)
  • Thomas Dowling (standing)
  • Patrick Ferrell (2023-25)
  • Kristen Morgan (2023-24)
  • Will Ritter (2023-24)

Please feel free to contact any of us with questions or concerns anytime.

What We’re Doing

The Safety & Security Committee is currently working on updating the ZSR’s Emergency Procedures, the ZSR Emergency Brochure, and the Safety & Security LibGuide. Additionally, the committee created a digital, mobile-friendly version of the ZSR Emergency Brochure to improve access to critical information related to safety and security. The group is also conducting an inventory of disaster supplies to make sure all ZSR teams are equipped with the necessary tools to handle various types of emergencies. Finally, the Safety and Security Team is working on coordinating training opportunities for Library employees. Stay tuned!

NEW! Online Safety Brochure

The Safety and Security Committee has been working to update our Safety and Security Brochure into a more streamlined online version. The new brochure can be found here, or by going to the library intranet on the homepage. (Services>For ZSR Faculty and Staff>Safety and Security Brochure)

We also have created a LibGuide with helpful links and phone numbers here

Wake Safe App

Wake Forest has created the Wake Safe App to replace the LiveSafe App. Please install the Wake Safe App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and delete the LiveSafe App if you still have it on your phone. Wake Safe is a one stop shop for safety information, Campus Maps, Wake Alerts, and contacting Campus Police directly from the app.

Seasonal Reminders

As spring comes to the Winston-Salem area it is important to remember that along with the flowers and warm weather comes the increased potential for severe storms and tornadoes. Please make sure to review the procedures in the Safety Brochure and think about where you would shelter in the event of a Tornado Warning.