Digital Scholarship

Supporting and empowering faculty scholarship through digital tools, methods, publication, and preservation

Digital scholarship is the use of digital evidence, methods of inquiry, research, publication, and preservation to achieve scholarly and research goals. Digital scholarship can encompass both scholarly communication using digital media and research on digital media.*

Digital Scholarship at ZSR


We will work with you to discover, utilize, and customize digital tools to enhance your research methodologies.


We will work with you to digitize and digitally preserve materials, including the creation, distribution, management, and long-term preservation of digitized and born-digital materials for administrative, teaching, research, and public service needs.


We will help you navigate the complexity of copyright law, from thinking through author rights to fair use, and help you determine where to publish scholarly works that do not fit neatly into either the journal or monograph platforms.


Whether you are sharing your articles or your data, publishing with support from the Open Access Fund or archiving in our institutional repository, or making your course materials broadly available, we support open sharing and reuse of research.

Digital Scholarship in Action

  • Reserve the New Experimental Classroom

    Active learning classrooms enable “student-centered, interactive, integrated, flexible, active learning spaces” (University of Minnesota, 2009). WFU faculty who are interested in trying to incorporate active learning pedagogy into their courses may request use of the Teaching & Learning Collaborative and Digital Scholarship Experimental Classroom 665 in ZSR Library.  To make the request, simply complete this form which is available on […]

  • Newly Digitized Photograph Collection – Guest Post by Ed Morris, Executive Director, Wake Forest College Birthplace Society

    Recently, Special Collections & Archives and Digital Scholarship were able to transfer and download the Wake Forest College Birthplace Photograph Collection, which is now available to researchers. Wake Forest College Birthplace Society Executive Director Ed Morris agreed to do a guest blog post for us as we advertise the availability of the digitized images (funded […]

  • Redesign of Digital Collections Homepage

    If you have recently visited our Digital Collections, chances are that you noticed our newly designed homepage. With a growing collection of over 56,000 items to explore, we anticipate the redesign to enhance navigation of the site for researchers. The redesign was implemented through collaboration with our Digitization Committee and Kevin Gilbertson, ZSR’s web services […]

  • Digitizing the Baptist Church and Association Files Collection

    The Baptist Church and Association Files is ZSR’s next major digital collection on the horizon. Currently in production, this will be the newest addition to our growing online treasury of resources covering the history of Baptist churches and Baptist church associations in North Carolina. As one of the more heavily used resources within ZSR’s Special Collections […]

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* Rumsey, Abby (July 2011). “New-Model Scholarly Communication: Road Map for Change” (PDF). Scholarly Communication Institute 9. University of Virginia Library.