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Call for Applications: Faculty Workshop on Integrating Information Literacy Skills in Introductory Courses

ZSR Library invites all Wake Forest faculty teaching divisionals, first year seminars, and introductory writing courses to join us in a 3-day workshop on advancing the information literacy skills of students taking introductory courses. Faculty who would like to further develop or engage with information literacy concepts or skills in their courses are encouraged to... Continue reading “Call for Applications: Faculty Workshop on Integrating Information Literacy Skills in Introductory Courses”

Class 1 & 2

We kicked off Teaching Teaching last Friday with an overview of Instructional Design. I used the very same powerpoint from the first class, which you can see here: What is Instructional Design? View more presentations from Lauren Pressley I am scheduled to be out of town on Friday, so we also discussed how to use... Continue reading “Class 1 & 2”

Day 3: Teaching Taxonomies

The groupwork went so well in the last class that I wanted to do a slight modification in today’s. Lest anyone get too settled, we’ll do another type of activity next week. Today’s main goal was for everyone to learn a little about taxonomies; enough so that you can think back on it later if... Continue reading “Day 3: Teaching Taxonomies”

Day 2: ID in Practice

Here’s the meta on day 2: From day 1 I knew most people had an expected outcome of getting more experience with groupwork, active learning, etc. That will inform all of the classes, starting with this one. I wanted a clear example of how active group work could convey the information as well as (or,... Continue reading “Day 2: ID in Practice”

Day 2: Models of Instructional Design

After an understanding of Instructional Design, we moved into talking about different models Instructional Designers use. As everyone indicated they had a high priority for learning more about active learning and group work, instead of a lecture (or even a facilitated discussion), we used groups to get to the content. The layout of the class... Continue reading “Day 2: Models of Instructional Design”

Best Practices in Syllabus Construction

Here is the presentation from today’s workshop: View Syllabus Handout on Scribd If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me or leave a message in the comments. If you’d like to share your syllabus, please put a link in the comments! Continue reading “Best Practices in Syllabus Construction”

Teaching Teaching (or Learning Teaching, or something like that)

Today was the first Teaching Teaching class. (For those who are curious, Roz and I had a Google Doc that was punnily named “teaching teaching” since that’s what we were planning… the name stuck.) Over the course of the spring semester Roz and I are planning to give a one hour “course” on teaching. I’m... Continue reading “Teaching Teaching (or Learning Teaching, or something like that)”

Day 1: ID In Practice

Each class, I’ll post something to let you know about the ID process on my end. This is the first of these posts. Since this was the first day, my main objective was to set the stage for the class and get to know the dynamics of the group: Make the goals and intentions of... Continue reading “Day 1: ID In Practice”

Welcome to the “Course” Blog

This Spring Semester Roz and I will be leading weekly sessions on instruction. We’re planning to cover a lot: instructional design, educational theory, teaching and learning styles, while giving everyone the opportunity to swap and share along the way. We’re going to attempt to model teaching strategies along the way, so this is the online... Continue reading “Welcome to the “Course” Blog”