As a new Research & Instruction Librarian at ZSR, I had the unique and special opportunity to observe multiple LIB 100: Academic Research & Information Issues sessions facilitated by four different instruction librarians. The experience was unique because most Research, Instruction, & Outreach (RIO) librarians have not had this opportunity in their many years at ZSR. It was also special due to the insight and exposure I gained to multiple teaching styles and LIB100 experiences.

During six weeks of research and literacy training, Joy Gambill offers students the breadth of her experience as an educator and librarian along with a library scavenger hunt, visit to ZSR’s Special Collections & Archives, Mis/Disinformation session with Hu Womack, and ZSR Jeopardy contest to round off the semester. Additionally, during one of Joy’s Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources sessions, students examined the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster. This activity not only provided a look into how information on this tragedy was publicized, but also enabled students the chance to learn more about and understand this iconic moment in American history.

Instruction Extraordinaire, Amanda Kauffman, brings highly engaging experiences with her students. During sessions covering citations, Zotero, and source types, Amanda shared personal publishing and conference experiences to explain the peer-review process and compelled students to discuss their own thoughts and feelings relative to citations and plagiarism.

Meghan Webb gets my Stellar Syllabus award! Maybe I can use that template (hint, hint)? Meghan also stood out when considering participation and overall experience by reviewing and recapping topics and slides, demonstrating Canvas navigation, leading true workshop sessions to support primary concepts, and exposing students to the Pecha Kucha presentation format.

Last but not least, Tim Pyatt is not only the Dean of ZSR Library, but also king of the cool, personal, and laid back LIB 100 experience! As moderator of the endeavor to tackle the ZSR Plagiarism Tutorial, Tim took the daunting experience of determining yay or nay to plagiarism in research scenarios to another level by leading the effort in an engaging group activity.

As I embark on my first LIB 100 section in Spring 2023, my observation experiences have given me two gifts. The first is the confidence in knowing WFU students are in good hands regardless of which section works with their academic schedule; ZSR instruction librarians use a variety of innovative and tried & true instruction methods by which students consistently achieve literacy-specific learning outcomes. Second is my gratitude towards my colleagues in ZSR RIO for fostering such a flexible, supportive, and inclusive culture.

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