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Call for Applications: Faculty Workshop on Integrating Information Literacy Skills in Introductory Courses

ZSR Library invites all Wake Forest faculty teaching divisionals, first year seminars, and introductory writing courses to join us in a 3-day workshop on advancing the information literacy skills of students taking introductory courses. Faculty who would like to further develop or engage with information literacy concepts or skills in their courses are encouraged to... Continue reading “Call for Applications: Faculty Workshop on Integrating Information Literacy Skills in Introductory Courses”

Teaching Teaching in Spring 2012

Last week we wrapped up Teaching Teaching for the fall semester. It was a good review of content we had covered in the very first go around. We’ve since decided to make it a regularly occurring event, so I’ve been thinking about different types of content, different types of presentations, and new ways of sharing... Continue reading “Teaching Teaching in Spring 2012”

Learning Styles

This week we addressed Learning Styles. It’s a topic that I’ve grown more fond of over time. The major controversy amongst folks in higher ed is “should you adapt your teaching to learning styles?” Some research suggests it doesn’t make a big difference. Some suggests it really does. Some faculty will point out that once... Continue reading “Learning Styles”

Educational Psychology

Last week’s Teaching Teachers focused on the briefest of overviews of Educational Psychology. We went through the PowerPoint from the last class, and talked about it’s application to our own classes. This is always a fun class to cover because there’s so much information (an entire graduate degree’s worth, in fact) that we can touch... Continue reading “Educational Psychology”

Teaching Taxonomies

Today a group of us got together to talk about teaching taxonomies designed to help us think about where the students we teach and how to get them to where they need to be. I used Prezi as a way to show a slate of tools, rather than a linear talk that implies a specific... Continue reading “Teaching Taxonomies”

Instructional Design Models

Like last time, we used group work to explore various instructional design models. This time, I adapted the approach to look at different models and to explore the topics more deeply. The models were: ADDIE, Fink’s Significant Learning Experiences, Design, and System Thinking. Here’s what we did: I named the four topics and folks moved... Continue reading “Instructional Design Models”

Class 1 & 2

We kicked off Teaching Teaching last Friday with an overview of Instructional Design. I used the very same powerpoint from the first class, which you can see here: What is Instructional Design? View more presentations from Lauren Pressley I am scheduled to be out of town on Friday, so we also discussed how to use... Continue reading “Class 1 & 2”

Teaching Teaching take 3!

We’re about to embark on another round of Teaching Teaching at Wake Forest University. We’ve had some new folks join us and we’ve had some folks who have been here for some time request we do the series again, so it seemed that it was time to reinstitute it. This class will follow the same... Continue reading “Teaching Teaching take 3!”


After 2 semesters of weekly meetings, we are taking a break from Teaching Teaching. We’ll offer a few teaching workshops over the next few months, and when there is interest, energy, and time, we’ll offer another series of workshops again. Please be sure to let us know if you’re interested!! For the new instructors, Roz... Continue reading “Wrap-Up”

Embedded Librarianship

Susan, embedded in Deep South course and co-wrote chapter on embeddedness also discussed virtual-only embedded in course allows to lurk and jump in to conversation teach online can hold physical or virtual office hours must have to have professor on board another example of embedded librarianship is the business center could also develop a first... Continue reading “Embedded Librarianship”