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New Resource Alert! Introducing…PitchBook!

Thanks to the generous support of the School of Business, we are happy to announce campus-wide access to PitchBook during an initial one year-trial of this powerful and comprehensive venture capital (VC), private equity (PE), and mergers and acquisition (M&A) database. *When you log in you will be asked to enter your Wake Forest email.... Continue reading “New Resource Alert! Introducing…PitchBook!”

Call for Applications: Faculty Workshop on Integrating Information Literacy Skills in Introductory Courses

ZSR Library invites all Wake Forest faculty teaching divisionals, first year seminars, and introductory writing courses to join us in a 3-day workshop on advancing the information literacy skills of students taking introductory courses. Faculty who would like to further develop or engage with information literacy concepts or skills in their courses are encouraged to... Continue reading “Call for Applications: Faculty Workshop on Integrating Information Literacy Skills in Introductory Courses”

Learning Outcomes for LIB100/200

The University is working on determining learning outcomes for academic departments, and since we offer classes, we also need to come up with relevant ones. This is going to be an ongoing project. This year we just reported on the goals for LIB100: Learn how to determine the nature and extent of information needed for... Continue reading “Learning Outcomes for LIB100/200”

Finding and Using Academic Videos for Your Class

Video is popular. Online video consumption is on the rise, and continues to gain popularity. How might this impact your academic life? Continue reading “Finding and Using Academic Videos for Your Class”

Teaching Teaching

I figure since we’re about halfway through Teaching Teaching, it might be time for a Gaz update! This semester we’ve taken a different approach. Instead of Roz or me organizing the topics, lectures for each class, and activities, we’re acting as a community of learners. As a group we came up with topics that we... Continue reading “Teaching Teaching”

Teaching Teaching Wrap-Up

Today was the final day of the teaching teaching spring class. We’ve been at it since January, and we’ve held 14 sessions. We’ve had 14 hours (less the minutes early I left for committee meetings) to devote some serious time to coming together as a group to talk about our teaching and hopefully learn a... Continue reading “Teaching Teaching Wrap-Up”

Day 13: SoTL

Today’s session was on the scholarship of teaching and learning. I really wanted to make sure to include it because this is something we’re all capable of doing right now and is nice to address after covering most of the content. I’m also saving the last class for wrap up and synthesis. So, here are... Continue reading “Day 13: SoTL”

Day 11: Classroom Management Q & A

Today’s class focused on the practical, down and dirty, aspects of classroom management. Since I knew this was a topic of interest for several people, and that we had already covered IGI and Conversation Theory a bit in another session, I decided to focus our attention on the classroom aspects of teaching. If anyone’s particularly... Continue reading “Day 11: Classroom Management Q & A”

Teaching Teaching (or maybe it should have been Teaching Strategies… )

It occured to me that with the passing of spring break we’ve crossed the halfway point with our Teaching Teaching class! For those who are interested in what we’ve been doing, you can read up on it with our blog. If you’re interested in coming, feel free to drop in any Friday at 9:00 in... Continue reading “Teaching Teaching (or maybe it should have been Teaching Strategies… )”

Day 8: Case Study Ideas

So we’ve done a lot lately! On day 6, Roz talked about teaching styles. Day 7 was a swap and share. Last week was spring break, which brings us to Day 8! I’m about to post all the standard class posts, but wanted to give space for sharing the case study ideas you might have... Continue reading “Day 8: Case Study Ideas”