During March 2009

From the Suggestion Box: Cold in the Library

Is there any way to turn the temperature up even a few degrees? It is always much colder in the library than any other place on campus. We wish we had more control over the temperature in the library, as it is often variable. We will call in your complaint to Facilities. more

Steve at South By Southwest

Several folks have asked me for a report on my trip to Austin, so here goes.Last week, I enjoyed Mimi’s belated gift for my 40th birthday-I spent four days and nights at the South By Southwest Music Festival with my brother and a couple of old friends.South By Southwest (abbreviated SXSW) is an enormous event,... more

Day 6: Teaching Perspectives Inventory

day 6 was a discussion of Teaching Perspectives that came out of my ACRL Intentional Teacher Immersion program from San Diego last summer. I began by discussing the two books on teaching that we had used in that program: Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher by Stephen Brookfield and The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer.... more

Learning Styles Discussion

Last week Lauren did a brief discussion of the various learning styles. We brainstormed on ones we had heard of and came up with visual, auditory, kinesthetic, verbal, etc. We had all done the Index of Learning Styles questionnaire from NCSU available at http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles/ilsweb.html I drew up the continuums on the board and had everyone... more

Teaching Teaching (or maybe it should have been Teaching Strategies… )

It occured to me that with the passing of spring break we’ve crossed the halfway point with our Teaching Teaching class! For those who are interested in what we’ve been doing, you can read up on it with our blog. If you’re interested in coming, feel free to drop in any Friday at 9:00 in... more

Day 8: Learning Theory, the Meta

Today we talked about several types of learning theories, really quickly. We’ll go into several of them in greater depth in the next few classes. Because I used a very “meta” approach, I’m rolling the two posts into one here. We started with a Q&A exercise that Kevin, Craig, and I have used in Lib100.... more

Day 8: Case Study Ideas

So we’ve done a lot lately! On day 6, Roz talked about teaching styles. Day 7 was a swap and share. Last week was spring break, which brings us to Day 8! I’m about to post all the standard class posts, but wanted to give space for sharing the case study ideas you might have... more

Map Repairs

I recently received a map which was sewn into a 1537 book entitled: Novus Orbis Regio. This map was torn into two pieces after a small accident in Rare Books. Looking at this map, I decided to remove it from the book to perform the repair. First, I flattened the map, smoothing out dog ears... more

Wednesday Lunches with TED

Sorry all! I was demoing embedded videos for a podcasting class and accidentally used this blog instead of my normal demonstration site. Too many blogs, I guess! 😉 Heather emailed me about the 404 error and reminded me that we had a Wednesday with TED lunch yesterday, and hadn’t posted about it, so I’ll do... more

ZSR Goes 4-0 in Faculty/Staff QuizBowl!!

ZSR Team 2 vs. Provost’s Office Last night the two ZSR teams went 4-0 in their matches in the faculty/staff QuizBowl tournament! The teams were: ZSR I (Giz, Mary Beth, Heather, Roz) and ZSR II (Beth, Lauren C., Chris and Carol). In their first match, ZSR II went up against a formidable Provost’s team consisting... more