Sorry all! I was demoing embedded videos for a podcasting class and accidentally used this blog instead of my normal demonstration site. Too many blogs, I guess! 😉 Heather emailed me about the 404 error and reminded me that we had a Wednesday with TED lunch yesterday, and hadn’t posted about it, so I’ll do that to make up for the blank post earlier today. 🙂

We started this informally last week, and it was so much fun, we did it again! In case you didn’t see it (from the post): TED Talks are great. The Technology Education and Design conference occurs every year. This invite-only conference brings in world leaders in various areas, and gives them 18 minutes to present. 18 minutes is about perfect. It’s long enough that they can cover content with depth and content, but short enough that they don’t drag on and you can make time to watch them. Most speakers, as world leaders, tend to be very effective presenters as well. You can see talks on the TED website. Kevin and I like them, and we both have learned a lot from them. However, as you know, it’s hard to find 18 minutes most of the time….

Yesterday Kaeley, Mary Beth, Heather, Craig, Kevin, and I watched two. Here’s the (now more formal) idea:

  1. Reliably have a TED Talk video play each Wednesday lunchtime starting at noon and ending by 1:00.
  2. Let people know that they’re welcome to come by. (Please come by!)
  3. Watch TED Talk (we picked the first one, and folks voted on yesterday’s).
  4. Chat about possible applications for the library.

Good stuff! Here’s what it was like yesterday:
Wednesday lunch with ted
We watched 2 shorter ones. The first was Pattie Maes on the sixth sense:

And the second was Tim Berners-Lee on Linked Data

Good future-of-libraries/information stuff! And now we know that as library professionals we need to know more about linked data (look for something on this in the near future)! And it was a very fun time… I’m looking forward to next week’s. If you’re interested, put it on your calendar and just come up to the room outside Kevin’s and my office at noon on Wednesday. We’ll be voting on the next one to watch then!