Provost Office Vs. ZSR Library Team 2

ZSR Team 2 vs. Provost’s Office

Last night the two ZSR teams went 4-0 in their matches in the faculty/staff QuizBowl tournament! The teams were: ZSR I (Giz, Mary Beth, Heather, Roz) and ZSR II (Beth, Lauren C., Chris and Carol). In their first match, ZSR II went up against a formidable Provost’s team consisting of the Provost, Rick Matthews, Jacque Fetrow and Kline Harrison (nothing like playing your boss in the first round). They shined through and answered amazing questions seemingly without thinking. Their second match was against a mixed team of Political Science, Biology, Math and Communication faculty. Again – they amazed us all! With amazing answers like ‘Borneo’ and ‘Tobit’ ZSR II stormed through the rounds and lived to play again on Monday.

ZSR Team 1 Vs. Computer Science Faculty

ZSR Team 1 vs. Computer Science

ZSR I then took their seats against a Computer Science team and the match was much closer. A bonus set of questions all on computer coding terms didn’t help us much. But we were tied going into the last question which began ‘Portia disguises herself as a judge…’ and I rang in to answer “Merchant of Venice.” Once again, Shakespeare saves the day! We got the bonus questions, too and moved on to face a team from Campus Ministry. I have to say they were some of the funniest people in the world and we had a blast playing against them. We came out on top again, and now the great irony is that ZSR I will face ZSR II in a match at 6pm Monday night in DeTamble Auditorium in Tribble Hall. If the loser of that game then wins its next match, we’ll face each other in the final game on Wednesday night! The winner of that game will go up against the winning student team for fun (if you call getting your tail kicked fun!)

It was a fun time and we loved hearing from the other teams how much they dreaded playing the librarians! We found that funny because we were saying the same thing about the faculty. Just goes to show that a broad knowledge base, lots of reading, NPR listening and a good sense of curiosity really pays off when it counts!

Hope you will come out and see us play!