During August 2009

Here @ ZSR

The Bridge Quietly Opens ZSR Services

Student assistants Rebekah Warner and Brad Binder work the first shift at the Bridge. ZSR Library is partnering with the University’s Information Systems to bring a new combined service to the space in the library that previously housed the Information Technology Center. ZSR technology services will continue to be offered with a multimedia lab equipped... Continue reading “The Bridge Quietly Opens ZSR Services”

Mary and Giz’s Awesome Adventure

Yesterday afternoon, Giz and I presented “Technology Tools for the Classroom” to an off-site faculty retreat of the Schools of Business. You may recall that the Calloway and Babcock schools have merged under a single dean; the combined faculty met at the Brookstown Inn for the day to kick off the new academic year. Michelle... Continue reading “Mary and Giz’s Awesome Adventure”

New discovery interface for library resources

On Wednesday the Z. Smith Reynolds Library implemented a new discovery system for their library collections. The system, developed initially by Villanova University, employs innovative indexing and searching techniques to help patrons find and interact with library resources. This new tool adds the ability for patrons to discover new relationships between resources through the use... Continue reading “New discovery interface for library resources”

Vufind poised to go live Wednesday!

Over the last few weeks, Kevin, Jean-Paul and I have been finalizing the release of our Vufind implementation by working through the list of issues and observations submitted by library staff in our wiki. We were able to resolve many of the issues but did choose to hide/work around certain functions that had too many... Continue reading “Vufind poised to go live Wednesday!”

Report on the 2009 New Faculty Orientation

As we all know, the ZSR Library acquired faculty status for its librarians as of July 1, 2009. Thus, as the first librarian hired after July 1, 2009, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Wake Forest University’s 2009 new faculty orientation. I am truly grateful and honored for being one the attendees... Continue reading “Report on the 2009 New Faculty Orientation”

Welcome Back-New ZSR Exhibits-Fall 2009

The Power of “Z” -this exhibit highlights the services offered at the ZSR Library-in graphic novel style. First on the Moon exhibit-highlights the 40th anniversary of the first man on the moon. The great American painter, Andrew Wyeth, died in early 2009. This exhibit reviews his life and work. Continue reading “Welcome Back-New ZSR Exhibits-Fall 2009”

Toolkit Day!

As the Toolkit continues to grow and have more applications, Kevin and I are taking a day to focus some energy on getting it in tip-top shape for the new school year. For new folks to ZSR: the Toolkit is a service we provide to allow users to find help they need through our website.... Continue reading “Toolkit Day!”

Gartner Hype Cycle report looks at cloud computing

The familiar hype cycle report from Gartner has been released for 2009. The NY times published a nice summary article that highlights some of the findings (including where Gartner stands on Twitter). Of interest to the library techies may be the report on cloud computing. Cloud technologies on the rise include Cloud-based email and enterprise... Continue reading “Gartner Hype Cycle report looks at cloud computing”

Multi-media lab back in business

On Monday Barry re-assembled the equipment in the Multi-media lab following a several week-long refurbishment of the space. The lab has been re-configured just a bit to make better use of the space but everything else is pretty much as it was. Shortly though we will be installing a brand-new digitization machine procured as with... Continue reading “Multi-media lab back in business”

Asolare Art Foundation- Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander’s ink paintings are now on display at the entrance of the ZSR Library. These loose sumi-e style paintings are beautifully rendered. There is also a description of Alexander’s painting style and tools. Please visit these delightful paintings. Continue reading “Asolare Art Foundation- Michael Alexander”