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When Roz and I talked about how to organize this semester’s teaching class, we decided to do it a bit differently. Instead of Roz or me organizing each session and lecturing for a while, we thought we’d shift the center of the discussion to the participants.

Each session of this semester’s teaching teaching will be focused around a topic, with 3-5 folks speaking about how they achieve this work in their own classes. Hopefully this will create a good environment for discussion and the participants will be more of a learning community rather than a class of people listening to the “teacher.”

If folks are interested in doing this again, and are interested in returning to a teacher-centered model in the fall, we can certainly do that in the future. At the very least it will be nice to break things up a bit between now and then.

So, in order to make this happen, on the first day I facilitated a list making exercise. In this session we brainstormed a list of all the specific things people are interested in learning and sharing, and I took the list afterwards to see if some topics made sense to group together and how to fit it all into the semester.

Since we’re meeting Tuesdays at 9am, some people won’t be able to attend all the sessions due to BI sessions, LIB100, or evening shifts. I got a list of days people can’t attend and topics those people were most interested in so that I could make a schedule that would allow everyone to attend every session they were most interested in. Hopefully we have a schedule that works for everyone!