During July 2011

Here @ ZSR

ZSR Zephyrs Compete in 2011 Staff Summer Olympics

ZSR Zephyrs 2011: Erik Mitchell (doing his farewell tour), Gretchen Edwards (bringing a new generation of spirit to the team), Rebecca Petersen (a new speed rival to Erik), Susan Smith (oldest Zephyr around), Mary Beth Lock (major cheerleader and team Pollyanna about our weekly chances at winning), and Barry Davis (sport photographer and voted most... Continue reading “ZSR Zephyrs Compete in 2011 Staff Summer Olympics”

Light @ the End of the Gov Docs Tunnel (almost)

Those of you with really great hearing might have heard me breathe a heavy sigh of relief this past Thursday when we dropped off the 23 boxes of Gov Docs at the UNC library. The delivery represented the end (more or less) of the VERY long Gov Doc weeding process that began back in 2004.... Continue reading “Light @ the End of the Gov Docs Tunnel (almost)”

WFU Social Media Users Group

Back in the Spring of 2011, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library arranged a panel discussion on social media at WFU. The panelists were Lauren Pressley, Meghan Haenn, Will Clarke and myself. The event was so well-attended and led to so much discussion afterwards, that I decided it might be time to form a WFU Social... Continue reading “WFU Social Media Users Group”

LENS 2011 Wrap Up

On Thursday, July 28th, Bobbie Collins and I attended the final presentations of the LENS students. Each group worked on a different project over the course of the three weeks of the program. These projects ranged from building and installing rain barrels at Courtney Elementary to working in the WFU Campus Garden, now known as... Continue reading “LENS 2011 Wrap Up”

Ungaretti and Palinurus

Big news from the partially processed collection of Allen Mandelbaum‘s papers. A MLIS graduate student and WFU Latin professor, Brian Warren, has been interning this summer in Special Collections and Archives, working specifically on processing the collection of Allen Mandelbaum’s papers, translations, and the large book collection that came with these materials. He made an... Continue reading “Ungaretti and Palinurus”

The Aaron Swartz JSTOR Controversy

Today Molly, Giz, Sarah, Joy, Lauren C., and I got together over lunch to discuss the recent Aaron Swartz JSTOR controversy. Not much is known yet about the case, but we got together to share what we knew, talk about potential implications for our field, and related issues. We kicked off with a bio of... Continue reading “The Aaron Swartz JSTOR Controversy”

Building IL skills with ENG 107 students (co-authored by Giz Womack and Bobbie Collins)

This summer Giz Womack and Bobbie Collins have coordinated several information literacy (IL) classes for faculty. Last week we organized IL activities for high school students participating in the LENS program, and this week we provided library instruction for Dr. Collin Craig’s ENG 107 class (Foundations in Academic Research and Writing). Before our initial class... Continue reading “Building IL skills with ENG 107 students (co-authored by Giz Womack and Bobbie Collins)”

Recent Technology “Lunch and Learns” – Let’s Keep It Going!

Last Thursday ZSR hosted a Google+ “Lunch and Learn” that was attended by a dozen members of the WFU community. This Thursday, three people attended the Spotify “Lunch and Learn” to hear about this new “invitation only” application for streaming and sharing music. Both of these came out of an interest by the staff to... Continue reading “Recent Technology “Lunch and Learns” – Let’s Keep It Going!”

ZSR Offsite makes the big time

You may recall that during April, the Offsite Storage facility, (more precisely its ExTend Shelving solution) was filmed to be featured for a program called “Inside Business” starring Fred Thompson. Scott, Tony, Jim Alty, me and several people from SpaceSavers (the company that provides the shelving) spent the day with a filming crew both at... Continue reading “ZSR Offsite makes the big time”

LENS@WFU: Round 2 (co-authored by Giz Womack and Bobbie Collins)

In May, Giz started planning with Luke Johnston and Leigh Stanfield for the second summer LENS program (A program that teaches rising high school juniors and senior about both the issue of sustainability and about writing at the college level.) In his role as Outreach Librarian, Giz really found some new ways to promote the... Continue reading “LENS@WFU: Round 2 (co-authored by Giz Womack and Bobbie Collins)”