On Thursday, July 28th, Bobbie Collins and I attended the final presentations of the LENS students. Each group worked on a different project over the course of the three weeks of the program. These projects ranged from building and installing rain barrels at Courtney Elementary to working in the WFU Campus Garden, now known as CROP(Campus Raised Organic Produce) to creating a video documentary of the 2011 LENS program.

There was a marked improvement in the quality from the initial presentations three weeks ago. After the presentations, we administered a post test via the “Clickers” that included the questions from the pre test three weeks ago and some additional questions to help us gauge overall satisfaction with the program. I’ll be having lunch with all the participants and directors of the LENS program today and plan to ask if they have any ideas for improving the library instruction portion of the program next year.

This has been an engaging and energetic group of students, and working with them has been very rewarding. We have high hopes we will see some of them in an upcoming freshmen class at WFU!