Back in the Spring of 2011, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library arranged a panel discussion on social media at WFU. The panelists were Lauren Pressley, Meghan Haenn, Will Clarke and myself. The event was so well-attended and led to so much discussion afterwards, that I decided it might be time to form a WFU Social Media Users Group. On Thursday, July 28th, the WFU Social Media Users Group had its first meeting in room 476. Eleven of the thirty who attended the original panel discussion attended the users group. We discussed new social media application like the streaming music application, Spotify, and we discussed how different departments on campus have been using social media.

This is an informal group, attended by those who attended the panel and those who have heard about the group through word of mouth. For the time being we plan to keep the group informal and meet at least once each semester. My goal is to maximize our use of social media on campus by sharing ideas and information among various groups on campus already using social media.