During September 2011

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Lenardo und Blandine, illustrated by Joseph Franz von Goez (1783)

Joseph Franz von Goez’s 1783 adaptation of Lenardo und Blandine “in 160 impassioned designs” may be the world’s first graphic novel. Based on a ballad by German poet Gottfried August Bürger, Goez’s book tells the story of doomed lovers Lenardo and Blandine in a series of captioned copper etchings. Bürger’s poem is itself based on... Continue reading “Lenardo und Blandine, illustrated by Joseph Franz von Goez (1783)”

Teaching Taxonomies

Today a group of us got together to talk about teaching taxonomies designed to help us think about where the students we teach and how to get them to where they need to be. I used Prezi as a way to show a slate of tools, rather than a linear talk that implies a specific... Continue reading “Teaching Taxonomies”

ZSR Rocks Habitat for Humanity in 2011

Mary Beth, Giz (top). Barry, Craig, Anna, Wanda, Susan, Steve, Rachel, Chris: this year’s crew! For the third year, ZSR Library faculty and staff stepped forward to spend a day working at Wake Forest’s Habitat for Humanity House. We had a big crew this year with enough manpower to work on two different houses all... Continue reading “ZSR Rocks Habitat for Humanity in 2011”

TLC Book Clubs

With my new emphasis on the teaching side of the library’s mission, I’ve been looking for ways to plug into the University’s teaching mission as well. I figure, any understanding of the larger institution’s approach to teaching will help us think about our own program. As part of this I decided to attend some of... Continue reading “TLC Book Clubs”

Instructional Design Models

Like last time, we used group work to explore various instructional design models. This time, I adapted the approach to look at different models and to explore the topics more deeply. The models were: ADDIE, Fink’s Significant Learning Experiences, Design, and System Thinking. Here’s what we did: I named the four topics and folks moved... Continue reading “Instructional Design Models”

Banned Books Week 2011

Continue reading “Banned Books Week 2011”

Banned Books Week 2011

Banned Books Week (BBW) is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read and the importance of the First Amendment. Held during the last week of September, Banned Books Week highlights the benefits of free and open access to information while drawing attention to the harms of censorship by spotlighting actual or attempted bannings of... Continue reading “Banned Books Week 2011”

Presidents’ Leadership Conference

This is my 5th Presidents’ Leadership Conference at Wake Forest, a retreat weekend sponsored jointly by the President of Student Government and the President of the University. This year, we returned to Smith Mountain Lake, Va, which is a beautiful setting in the Blue Ridge area. Operating under a theme of “Courageous Leadership,” the speakers... Continue reading “Presidents’ Leadership Conference”

“Don’t You Step on my Blue Suede Shoes” (coauthored by Bobbie Collins and Giz Womack)

This fall a First-Year Seminar (FYS) sparked a cross-team collaborative effort between RITS and Special Collections. When Jenny Puckett requested an instructional session for her FYS (Modern Wake Forest: A Living History), Vicki Johnson, Giz Womack, and Bobbie Collins combined their expertise to create a LIBGuide for the course. Due to the nature of this... Continue reading ““Don’t You Step on my Blue Suede Shoes” (coauthored by Bobbie Collins and Giz Womack)”

Embanet and Counseling

Yesterday at noon, Roz, Susan and I attended the meeting held at DeTamble Hall in Tribble about the coming online Master’s program created by Counseling and developed and managed with the help of Embanet. The program will launch in Summer, 2012. Jennifer Collins related that, while the institution does have the best teaching faculty, they... Continue reading “Embanet and Counseling”