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With my new emphasis on the teaching side of the library’s mission, I’ve been looking for ways to plug into the University’s teaching mission as well. I figure, any understanding of the larger institution’s approach to teaching will help us think about our own program. As part of this I decided to attend some of the Teaching and Learning Center’s programming to see what it’s like on the learner side of that table, and to get ideas that could be useful for us in ZSR.

One of the series I was interested in exploring were the TLC Book Clubs. I looked at what they were offering this semester, and enrolled in the How Learning Works group. I can not state clearly enough: I am thrilled to be participating in this group! The book, itself, is amazing. I’ll be pulling heavily on it for several sessions of the Spring Teaching Teaching class. But also, it’s really nice to sit around a table with other faculty who are facing similar challenges and discussing teaching in a collaborative andcollegialway with them. It also reminded me so much of being in college: reading text with new information, discussing in a small group setting, referring to page numbers and specific quotes, drawing from related resources, getting excited about new ideas. It’s really good stuff!

If you’re ever interested in attending a TLC Book Club, they run for four meeting sessions through the course of a semester. They meet for an hour and fifteen minutes over a provided lunch. The TLC even provides the copy of the book. If you have any questions about the program, I’d be happy to answer them!