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The 2011 ZSR (and Bridge) Habitat Crew

Mary Beth, Giz (top). Barry, Craig, Anna, Wanda, Susan, Steve, Rachel, Chris: this year’s crew!

For the third year, ZSR Library faculty and staff stepped forward to spend a day working at Wake Forest’s Habitat for Humanity House. We had a big crew this year with enough manpower to work on two different houses all day. Once again, we were fortunate to be supervised by Tony, who assured us that the only skill set he expected from us was to be breathing! He and his supervisors are some of the most patient instructors I’ve ever seen. Just think about having to start every day with a group of brand new volunteers! But they calmly showed us how to hold a hammer, use a power saw, and straighten out a bent nail. Before long, all of us were productively hammering, cutting wood, moving scaffolding, and even shingling a porch roof. As usual, all of the ZSR volunteers had a very rewarding experience, even with all the sore muscles that went home with us at the end of the day. Next year, we hope to send another team of enthusiastic house builders (for a day)! Check out a few pictures from the day!

The ZSR Habitat crew would also like to thank our colleagues who covered for us back at the library during this very busy time. Another volunteer was impressed that we had a fabulous team back at the library that would support our ability to be there for the entire day.