Some of the most interesting things that take place in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library happen behind the scenes during intercessions when the students are away and we are diligently preparing for the upcoming semester. Yesterday morning was an example of this as Barry Davis magically transformed the ZSR Viewing Room into the ZSR Production Studio. For two intense hours under the heat of studio lighting, Barry filmed our very own Molly Keener in what will be 8 clips that will be used as part of the Intellectual Property portion of the Library 100 Template.

During the fall semester, Molly and I worked together to create the Intellectual Property portion of the LIB100 Template. Using Molly’s rich knowledge in this complex field, we created 16 real world case studies for the students to discuss in class. The format was highly successful, engaging the students in lively discussions and prompting many positive comments during the end of course evaluations. Now, thanks to Barry and the wonders of technology, if Molly is unable to attend one of these classes, LIB100 students will be able to view video clips with Molly’s responses to the case studies.

The video clips are coming soon and will be available in Sakai under the LIB100 Template. Hats off and ZSR Academy Award nominations to Molly and Barry!