During May 2016

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Using HeritageQuest Online for Genealogy Information

I’m a big fan of the North Carolina Room of the Forsyth County Public Library for local and state history, genealogy, culture, biography, travel, literature and folklore, as well as federal, state and local government information. In addition to that local resource, for patrons interested in geneology, NCLive also offers North Carolina libraries access to HeritageQuest Online, a... Continue reading “Using HeritageQuest Online for Genealogy Information”

Bee-lieving in Sustainability

On April 22, David Link, Library Specialist with the ZSR Access Services Department, was recognized as a Champion of Change during the 2016 WFU Campus Sustainability Awards for his leadership and involvement with introducing bees to WFU Campus Garden. In February, 2016, David provided two colonies of Russian Honey bees (known as Russian and Russian Carniolan) to... Continue reading “Bee-lieving in Sustainability”

Michael Biggs, Lettering Artist on Paper and Stone

Michael Biggs is best known in Ireland as a Liturgical artist, who carved inscriptions, sculpture and church furnishings. He began his career cutting gravestones and actually continued doing this throughout his life. Biggs eventually carved some of the most important Irish memorials honoring her heroes, including the Memorial Wall at Arbour Hill Cemetery, burial place... Continue reading “Michael Biggs, Lettering Artist on Paper and Stone”

Student Spotlight: Graduating Seniors Recap Experience In Digitization Lab

Student assistants play a huge role in Z. Smith Reynolds Library. Within each of the library’s departments, their contribution to library services is all-important. This is truly the case in ZSR’s Digitization Lab where students digitize thousands of objects each semester. During the 2015-16 academic year, eight student assistants provided their services in the Digitization Lab, primarily... Continue reading “Student Spotlight: Graduating Seniors Recap Experience In Digitization Lab”