Just when you think you are prepared for anything, that’s when you get the biggest surprise! On Friday, January 27th, the ZSR Library hosted the Spring 2017 edition of Humans v Zombies, and even after seven years of these events, there are still surprises! More young kids associated with WFU and ZSR attended this event than ever before! While a challenge, our volunteers and our student HvZ players rose to the occasion and these two diverse age groups blended beautifully!

Fortunately, our Alumni Family HvZ events had prepared us well and the event went off without a problem. We couldn’t do these events without the help of our Library staff volunteers and the ZSR Library Amabassadors, who now help with these events! Here’s a shout out to Sophie Leveque, Mary Beth Lock, Meghan Webb, Tim Mitchell, David Link, Rosalind Tedford and Chris Burris, who all pitched in along with Dean Adam Goldstein and Diana Goldstein, and numerous ZSR Ambassadors, to help ZSR host a wonderful event!