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After a five-year hiatus, Capture the Flag returned to ZSR on Friday, January 26th, 2018! Fifty students joined us for two games and 12 pizzas! Capture the Flag has a long history at ZSR, it was the first large-scale, live-action game we hosted in ZSR, a full year before we began our Humans v Zombies events! It was fun to bring back a classic! Special thanks to Dean Pyatt, Susan Smith, Mary Beth Lock, Meghan Webb, Tim Mitchell, David Link, and Chris Burris who all gave of their time, working the event and closing ZSR after the event! It takes a team effort to makes these big games go smoothly! You can check out photos from the event on Flickr! Keep your eyes open for new large-scale, live-action games coming to ZSR soon!

Capture the Flag - Spring 2018