This article is more than 5 years old.

As per library tradition, ZSR hosted its annual Blind Date with a Book (BDWAB) event on Thursday, February 14th. The event promotes leisure reading and engagement with the literary arts for the Wake Forest community and is a favorite among many students! What’s especially entertaining is that each book is wrapped and given a brief description but no titles are given out so every book is a surprise to its reader. This year, an outstanding 150 books were given away! The ZSR Library Ambassadors wrapped and wrote descriptions for all the books. They also helped give the books away at the pop-up table in front of the circulation desk on the morning and afternoon of Valentine’s Day.

Shosi Hansen, a sophomore Ambassador, said that one of the coolest things about BDWAB is that it shows the community has a desire to read even outside of their classes. Jenny Hua, a junior Ambassador, said that the event was a super fun time. “It was really fun getting to wrap and decorate books for Valentine’s day!”

Thank you to all of the ZSR librarians, staff members, and Ambassadors for making this event a success! More photos from the event are posted on Flickr.