During July 2021

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ZSR Digital Collections: More to Explore

Over the past months, we have added a variety of digital collections to our site, as well as adding new materials to established collections. As a result, we are happy to have recently surpassed 70,000 items within our digital collections. Here are some of our most recent additions. Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center... Continue reading “ZSR Digital Collections: More to Explore”

Meeting James McDowell through His Records

Today’s blog comes from student assistant Immanuel Eggers. Before campus operations were indefinitely suspended due to the pandemic, I had the honor of processing late WFU professor James Gordon McDowell’s manuscripts as a special project. Dr. McDowell’s intellect was striking: I recall slowing down my work at numerous points to comb over the easily thousands... Continue reading “Meeting James McDowell through His Records”