The entire ZSR Library was out in force this week! Humans v Zombies was back by popular demand after a four-year hiatus, and we dramatically increased our outreach, exceeding pre-COVID levels! With over 600 students attending the pre-orientation camps and 401 of those 600+ students scheduled to attend an event in ZSR this week, it was a wild ride! (Follow the links below for pics from these events!)

Pre-Orientations Camp Events

New Deac Week Events

  • Campus Services Day (too many students and families to count!)
  • Fun, Fast, Family Tours of ZSR (203 students and families)
  • Graduate Student Welcome Event at the Barn in Reynolda Village

Shout out to everyone who made this such a successful week! Especially to Special Collections and Archives for hosting many move-in day drop-in visitors and tour groups every day this week, including CONNECT@Wake students and others! Also, special thanks to Daisha Bunn and Maddie Koontz (and university photographer Lyndsie Schlink) for capturing so many great photos this week!