Wake the Library!

What’s Happening in ZSR During Exams

★ More Library Hours

Saturday (12/3) -Reading Day-
12pm – 5pm
Sunday (12/4) -Reading Day-
6am – 1am
Monday (12/5)
6am – 1am
Tuesday (12/6)
6am – 1am
Wednesday (12/7)
6am – 1am
Thursday (12/8)
6am – 1am
Friday (12/9)
6am – 9pm
Saturday (12/10)
6am – 9pm

★ Special Giveaways

Monday (12/5) 2pm
Stress Free Snack bar
Tuesday (12/6) 10am
Biscuits donated by Biscuitville
Wednesday (12/7) 10am
Bagels from WFU Business School
Thursday (12/8) 6pm
Doughnuts from WFU Police Department

★ Build-Your-Own Exam Care Kits

On Sunday afternoon December 4th, stop by and grab free study supplies to build your own Exam Care Kit!

★ Snack Station

Starting Monday December 5th, snacks will be available throughout library hours across from the Library Services Desk and in the 24-hour Study Room after hours.

★ Hot Beverage Station

Starting Monday December 5th, hot water will be available along with tea, instant coffee, hot cocoa and more. Refills will be everyday at 9am, 2pm, and 7pm.

Big Thanks to our Campus and Off Campus Partners!