Wake the Library!

All Night Hours During Exams

Weather Alert — We are committed to staying open 24/7. Follow @zsrlibrary for updates.

★ Study Great, Even Late

We will be open 24/7 for students, faculty, and staff!

Sunday, 12/2 at 10AM – Saturday, 12/15 at 7PM

★ Midnight Menu

* Time subject to change depending on the weather. Follow @zsrlibrary for updates.

** No bottled water with the midnight snack—take advantage of our five new hydration stations.

★ Unplug & Unwind

24-Hour Coffee. Library Atrium. Bring your own mug!

Goodies Table. Circ Desk. Surprise deliveries and other goodies!

ZieSta Room. 24-Hour Study Room. 5 luxurious recliners.

★ Get Social

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