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A Message from the Dean

This is the final issue of the ZSReads newsletter during my tenure as Dean of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library. It has been my honor to serve the information needs of the students, faculty and staff of the university for 11 years. There is no better academic library anywhere, thanks to the wonderful library faculty... more

ZSR on December 23: Not a Creature is Stirring?

Twas the day before holiday break and throughout ZSR, barely a creature was stirring, not near and not far! But if you are curious and know where to look you’ll find some activity in a cranny or nook. The Wilson Wing attic is full of metal and men constructing new air ducts to keep temperatures... more

The Search for a New Z. Smith Reynolds Library Dean is Underway

After 10 years leading the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Dean Lynn Sutton became Vice Provost on July 1 of 2014. Dean Sutton has been serving as both Dean of the Library and Vice Provost since then. Now the search committee has been formed to find a new dean for the Library and the search process... more

Give ZSR Your Input

To plan for the future, ZSR really wants to understand your perceptions and expectations of the Library, in order to provide services you need to be successful. Please take a few moments to participate in this research study by completing a short survey about ZSR and its services. The survey should take approximately 5 minutes... more

What’s The Deafening Noise All About at ZSR???

Anyone who has tried to work or study in the ZSR the past several days can be commended for possessing great stamina! The noise has been deafening and the activity of all the construction workers has been evident in multiple locations throughout the building. Have you wondered what it’s all about? By now, our regulars... more

The 2014-2015 ZSR Fellow: Le’Ron Byrd

Just to put the interesting facts out there first: (1) I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. (Now to answer general questions you might have that comes with knowing that fact): No, I have never had a pet moose. No it is not dark all day during the winter. No, I do not know... more

Sutton Appointed Vice Provost

Dean Lynn Sutton, head of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library since 2004, has been named Vice Provost of the University effective July 1. She succeeds Jennifer Collins, who is leaving Wake Forest to become Dean of the Law School at Southern Methodist University. “These have been the best ten years of my professional life,” says... more

Graduating Seniors and the End of the Semester

Seniors: Get ready for graduation! And ZSR is here to help. Thursday, May 1, Reading Day Stop at the table across from the Circulation Desk and find out how to resolve holds, return laptops, and remove any other roadblocks between you and graduation day! Sunday, May 18 The library will be open from 3pm to... more

From the Suggestion Box: Front Desk Conversations

Please instruct the people working at the front desk to keep their conversation in check. I am studying/watching video lectures today (Saturday, March 15, 3-7 pm) at a computer on 4th floor today (with headphones on) and for 2 hour have heard loud talking and laughing from people working at the front desk on Floor... more

Planning for the Future of the ZSR Building

A conceptual drawing of enhanced study and collaboration spaces A bold concept for the future of ZSR was unveiled at last semester’s launch of Wake Will, the University-wide capital campaign. As the busiest academic building and one of the original campus structures, ZSR Library is showing its age. Upgrading study rooms, expanding classrooms and designing... more