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New Books

  • Kiowa belief and ritual
  • Islamophobia and racism in America
  • Political economy of banking governance in China
  • C. Wright Mills and the Cuban Revolution : an exercise in the art of sociological imagination
  • Beyond trans : does gender matter?
  • False dawn : protest, democracy, and violence in the new Middle East
  • Ida Lupino, director : her art and resilience in times of transition
  • Contract with God trilogy : life on Dropsie Avenue 1st ed.
  • Shortcomings 1st pbk. ed., Apr. 2009.
  • Black Panther. A nation under our feet, Book 1
  • It's a good life if you don't weaken 2nd softcover ed.
  • Critics and the prioress : antisemitism, criticism, and Chaucer's Prioress's tale
  • Frontpew@paradise
  • America's digital army : games at work and war

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New Music

  • Strata : violin/clarinet/piano.
  • Concertos and chamber music. Vol. 3
  • Violin sonatas
  • Complete piano trios
  • Music for the 100 Years' War
  • St Matthew Passion = MatthaÌłuspassion = Passion selon saint Matthieu : BWV 244

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