New E-books

New additions during the last 4 weeks

  • Introduction to multicultural counseling for helping professionals Third edition.
  • Child to come : life after the human catastrophe
  • Representing the nation : sport and spectacle in post-revolutionary Mexico
  • Post-truth : how bullshit conquered the world
  • Educational fronts for local and global justice. volume 1, Understanding neoliberal rule in K-12 schools
  • Stance and voice in written academic genres
  • Writing for peer reviewed journals : strategies for getting published
  • Futurama and philosophy  : bite my shiny metal axiom
  • Art of problem posing 3rd ed.
  • Differential geometry and mathematical physics. Part II, Fibre bundles, topology and gauge fields
  • Problem solving in quantum mechanics : from basics to real-world applications for materials scientists, applied physicists, and devices engineers
  • Handbook of biochemistry and molecular biology  4th ed.
  • Remediation in medical education : a mid-course correction

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