New E-books

New additions during the last 4 weeks

  • Age of scientific sexism : how evolutionary psychology promotes gender profiling and fans the battle of the sexes
  • Contemporary masculinities : embodiment, emotion and wellbeing
  • Hitler's violent youth : how trench warfare and street fighting moulded Hitler
  • Countdown to Valkyrie : the July plot to assassinate Hitler
  • Ecuador reader : history, culture, politics
  • Silk Road and the political economy of the Mongol empire
  • Gendering postsocialism : old legacies and new hierarchies
  • Women's lives around the world : a global encyclopedia
  • Innovation in the public and nonprofit sectors : a public solutions handbook
  • Shari'ah on trial : Northern Nigeria's Islamic revolution
  • Queerness in pop music : aesthetics, gender norms, and temporality
  • SAGE encyclopedia of communication research methods. Volume 1
  • Artificial intelligence and big data : the birth of a new intelligence
  • Constructivist psychotherapy : distinctive features