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New Books

  • Ways that never parted : Jews and Christians in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages First Fortress Press edition.
  • Reading for faith and learning : essays on scripture, community, & libraries in honor of M. Patrick Graham
  • Marriage of East and West
  • Straight mind in Corinth : queer readings across 1 Corinthians 11:2-16
  • Pastor as minor poet : texts and subtexts in the ministerial life
  • Reading for preaching : the preacher in conversation with storytellers, biographers, poets, and journalists
  • Preaching what we practice : proclamation and moral discernment
  • Story of narrative preaching : experience and exposition : a narrative
  • Return to the center
  • Mystery beyond : on retreat with Bede Griffiths.
  • Christian monks on Chinese soil : a history of monastic missions to China
  • Ancient Rome : an anthology of sources
  • Political communication and cognition

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New Music

  • JoseÌ Serebrier conducts Samuel Adler.

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