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  • Ritual participation and interreligious dialogue : boundaries, transgressions, and innovations 1 [edition].
  • Oxford handbook of contemporary Buddhism
  • Hearing Kyriotic sonship : a cognitive and rhetorical approach to the characterization of Mark's Jesus
  • Christian theology and its institutions in the early Roman Empire : prolegomena to a history of early Christian theology
  • Prayer in the Catholic tradition : a handbook of practical approaches
  • Dolce vita confidential : Fellini, Loren, Pucci, paparazzi, and the swinging high life of 1950s Rome First edition.
  • African-Americanization of the black diaspora in globalization or the contemporary capitalist world-system
  • Macroeconomics in times of liquidity crises : searching for economic essentials
  • Lehman Brothers : a crisis of value
  • Invisible Camorra : Neapolitan crime families across Europe
  • Gender for the warfare state : literature of women in combat
  • Fire muse : poems from the salt house
  • Dinosaurs : a concise natural history Third edition.
  • Butter : a rich history First edition.

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