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New Books

  • Wagering on an ironic God : Pascal on faith and philosophy
  • Adorno and philosophical modernism : the inside of things
  • Collected studies in three volumes
  • Darkness falls on the land of light : experiencing religious awakenings in eighteenth-century New England
  • Jesus, Paul, and the Gospels
  • Pauline perspectives : essays on Paul, 1978-2013 Fortress Press edition.
  • Fundamentalism, fundraising, and the transformation of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1919-1925 First edition.
  • Caffaro, Genoa and the twelfth-century crusades
  • Ancient Egyptians at Play : Board Games across Borders
  • Ethical practice in the human services : from knowing to being First edition.
  • St. Jacob's Antwerp art and Counter Reformation in Rubens's parish church
  • 'Arabi Liblib : Egyptian colloquial Arabic for the advanced learner
  • Because without cause : non-causal explanations in science and mathematics

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New Music

  • 2 sonatas for 2 pianos.
  • Fantaisie mécanique ; Xi ; Akrostichon-Wortspiel ; Double concerto
  • Cantatas
  • O concerto in D minor
  • Wozzeck

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