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New Books

  • Sibyl series of the fifteenth century
  • Putin : his downfall and Russia's coming crash First edition.
  • Beyond the Arab cold war : the international history of the Yemen civil war, 1962-68
  • Calabar on the Cross River : historical and cultural studies
  • Losing an enemy : Obama, Iran, and the triumph of diplomacy
  • Practical strangers : the courtship correspondence of Nathaniel Dawson and Elodie Todd, sister of Mary Todd Lincoln
  • J.C. Penney : the man, the store, and American agriculture
  • Drunks : an American history
  • Histories
  • State counsellor : a Fandorin mystery First Grove Atlantic hardcover edition.
  • Jane Austen at home : a biography First U.S. edition.
  • Magpie murders First U.S. edition.
  • Weight of ink
  • Great rescue : American heroes, an iconic ship, and the race to save Europe in WWI First edition.

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New Music

  • Heroines of love and loss
  • Italian job / Caldara, Corelli, Tartini
  • String quintet in E flat major ; String quintet in A minor ; String octet in B flat major
  • Piano sonatas : Pathétique ; Moonlight ; Appassionata
  • Bach reimagines Bach : lute works BWV 1001, 1006a & 995
  • Ouvertures
  • Seasons : 1801
  • Stabat Mater

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