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New Books

  • Non-identity problem and the ethics of future people First edition.
  • Communication in the church : a handbook for healthier relationships
  • Church mergers : a guidebook for missional change
  • Nazi-fascist new order for European culture
  • Towards freedom : documents on the movement for independence in India. 1940
  • Park Chung Hee and modern Korea : the roots of militarism 1866-1945
  • National Museum of African American History and Culture : a souvenir book.
  • Innovation illusion : how so little is created by so many working so hard
  • Selling power : economics, policy, and electric utilities before 1940
  • Decolonizing democracy : power in a solid state
  • Translating for singing : the theory, art, and craft of translating lyrics
  • Joanne
  • Reading Alice Munro : 1973-2013
  • Chaos : a Scarpetta novel First edition.

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New Music

  • Spanish serenade.
  • Sonata no. 29 : 'Hammerklavier' ; Bagatelles, op. 126
  • Fin de sieÌ€cle : music for viola and piano
  • Symphonie fantastique : op. 14
  • Shakespeare songs
  • Rough guide to delta blues.

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