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  • Charlie Gard was born with a rare genetic disorder and lived for less than a year, but his life and death attracted worldwide attention when his doctors and his parents disagreed about his best interests. His parents wanted to bring him from London to the United States to try an unproven intervention, but the hospital caring for him sought legal authorization for palliative care and withdrawal of life-prolonging treatment. Heads of state, bioethics scholars, and the general public all joined in the ensuing discussion of futility, parental authority, and medical responsibility, ensuring that Charlies brief life and death will continue to teach us about the role of medical science in society. Panelists: Chris Bishop, MD, MA, Neonatologist & Chair of the Ethics Consultation Subcommittee, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Chris Coughlin, JD, Professor, Wake Forest University School of Law Kate Mewhinney, JD, Director, Elder Law Clinic, Wake Forest University School of Law Moderator: Nancy M. P. King, JD, Co-Director, Wake Forest University Center for Bioethics, Health & Society & Graduate Program in Bioethics Refreshments to follow
  • During the month of November, ZSR Library is teaming up with the Writing Center, Library Partners Press, WFU Office of Personal and Career Development and Wake Forest University Press to bring you WaFoWriMo (Wake Forest Writing Month)! In the spirit of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), WaFoWriMo is a series of fun and engaging workshops aimed to promote and encourage writing of all shapes and sizes. Writers in the Wake Forest University community are invited to participate in whatever capacity they are able whether that is continuing to work on and development a current writing project, or start a new writing project, or even attempt to complete a 50,000 word novel (as challenged by NaNoWriMo). With help from our campus partners, WaFoWriMo workshops and events will provide resources to inspire and encourage writing projects. WaFoWriMo participants are encouraged to complete program challenges and log their writing projects for a chance to win prizes and bragging rights! All interested writers are asked to register for WaFoWriMo. Join our community of writers and jump write in to WaFoWriMo! 2017 Schedule of Events: WaFoWriMo Kickoff Monday, Oct. 30, 4-6pm, ZSR Room 476 WaFoWriMo Drop Write In Wednesday, Nov. 1, 4-6pm, ZSR Room 476 WaFoWriMo Drop Write In Wednesday, Nov. 15, 4-6pm, ZSR Room 476 WaFoWriMo Celebratory Finale & Read Aloud Friday, Dec. 1, 4-5pm, ZSR Auditorium