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Upcoming Classes & Workshops

  • Join us for this fun and engaging workshop to learn about how to protect your computer and your data here at Wake Forest University and at home. Topics covered in this class include: Physical technology security basics Data security basics Working with personally identifiable information How to protect yourself and others And more! We look forward to seeing you there! PLEASE NOTE: Registration is required for this event.
  • Why do people seem to hang on to their opinions more strongly the more evidence you show them to the contrary? Why do we tend to avoid important information? Why can we see bias in other people but are blind to our own? The simple answer: because we are human. When it comes to fighting the influence of fake news, understanding how our mind works is a critical first step. Because once we know that, we can spot all the different tactics that the creators and distributors of fake news use to get us to believe it. This lively lunch-and-learn will refresh our memories about a variety of biases and logical fallacies, and then delve into how they are taken advantage of in the world of fake news. (This is the second course in a three-part series.)
  • Have you explored Google Drive? Did you know that with Google Drive, you can create, share, and simultaneously collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, surveys, and presentations? If not, this class is for you! Google Drive is dramatically changing the way we share and collaborate on files! In this fun, hands-on class, we will explore Google Drive's home interface, we will create files with Google Drive, and we will take a look at how to upload and share our own previously created files to Google Drive. Join us! PLEASE NOTE: Registration is required for this event.
  • What should I do when I see a story I know is misleading or untrue? How do I help my family and friends be better about sharing information? How can I check up on a story to see if it’s real? Understanding the hows of fake news only gets you so far if you aren’t going to change your own behavior. This lunch-and-learn will provide tools and strategies for being better about dealing with fake news. We will show you ways to be your own fact-checker, be more selective in your sources of information, and some technologies that can help you along the way. (This is the third course in a three-part series.)