Yellow Leaf Publishing at ZSR

Yellow Leaf Publishing is a digital publishing service from the Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication department at ZSR Library. Yellow Leaf Publishing aims to expand the possibilities for digital scholarship, digital pedagogy, and open education at Wake Forest in ways that embody DISC’s Core Principles of Access, Equity, and Intention.

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General Publishing Resources


Original works that you create are likely protected by copyright under U.S. law. Works subject to copyright protection include written, visual, audiovisual, musical, choreographic, and architectural works. Publication or public distribution is not necessary for securing copyright; nor is registering with the U.S. Copyright Office. Notice–your name and date with ©–is also not necessary, although it may be a good idea. Copyright just happens as soon as a work that is original and creative is “fixed” in a tangible medium; i.e., you create a work that is identifiable as a distinct work. Learn more about copyright at

Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons Licenses enable creators to release their works publicly with notice about how their works may be used by others. License permissions range from attribution-only to more restrictive parameters. CC Licenses are an excellent way to ensure both recognition as the creator and use by others. Learn more about CC Licenses and guidance for selecting the appropriate license for your work at


These are sources for finding openly-licensed images and music for use in digital projects. Note that it is the user’s responsibility to verify licensing and copyright allowances.


When reusing others’ works in your own publications, there may be times when securing permission is necessary. In such cases, the source of the work–a publisher, an archive or library, a creator–may have guidance on how to do so. Note, though, that the source may not be the rights holder and may not be able to grant permissions. Detailed information on securing permissions may be found in the Authors Alliance Third-Party Permissions and How to Clear Them guide.