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It was a long day for me, as I’m sure is the case with all of the ZSR’ers who traveled all the way to Anaheim, CA for the 2008 Annual ALA Conference. Luckily, I took an early flight that was almost enjoyable: on time, no luggage charges, breakfast served, *early* arrival! I didn’t think that happened at all anymore. Kudos to Continental Airlines.

I arrived in my hotel room by noon Pacific time. This left plenty of time to check into the conference to get my badge holder and “home depot colored” bag (think bright orange). Exhibits were just beginning to be set up, the only activity was preconferences and I imagine some committee meetings. So I set out to explore Anaheim by foot (my first big walk in months). The weather was great but the entire area focuses on DisneyLand. I found plenty of chain restaurants and hotels to support the large quantities of visitors to this attraction. If there is more to Anaheim, I didn’t find it today.

Tomorrow, there are a few programs and more preconferences and committee meetings. I’ll do my best to find some worthy activity in the morning, but starting in the afternoon, things will pick up with Lauren’s Emerging Leaders Poster session, an IS Soiree and LITA Open House.