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Many many thanks go out to the attendees of today’s workshop, LearnNC, East Carolina University, Forsyth County Public Library, and our own ZSR and Coy C. Carpenter libraries for the tremendously successful DigitalForsyth education workshop that was held today at the Z. Smith Reynolds Library.

In total, we worked with 26 teachers to create lesson plans for DigitalForsyth during the day-long seminar. The morning kicked off with a presentation from David Walbert from LearnNC who talked with us about how to approach creating a lesson plan with digital objects. After a short break, Hazel Walker and Linda Teel from East Carolina University took the reins and led the teachers through some interactive lesson planning activities. It was a very exciting morning – exciting enough that at one point a brick was launched over a light in the ITC!

After a lunch in the atrium, the afternoon session focused on letting the teachers work their magic creating lesson plans using DigitalForsyth content. These lesson plans will be showing up on our DigitalForsyth site in the coming weeks.

Many thanks to Ruth Moskop who was invaluable not only in coordinating this workshop but in connecting us with Hazel and Linda who made this workshop an incredible success. Many thanks also to David, Linda and Hazel who generously gave us their time today and helped teachers create these great lesson plans. The members of the education working group really pulled one out from Megan Mulder’s efforts coordinating meals & communications, to Ali Shoaf creating the instructional videos that teachers used prior to the workshop. And of course thanks go to Tim for helping us get ready yesterday and everyone who showed up today including Susan, Ali, Megan, and Julie.